Disco Teen '66

by Disco Teen '66

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released May 25, 2013

Sean Pulito - Guitar, Vocals
Greg Perault - Bass
Lucas Borgstedt - Drums
Craig Mills/Darth Fader Recordings, LLC - Recording, Mixing
Treelady Studios - Mastering



all rights reserved


Disco Teen '66 New Haven, Connecticut

New Haven, CT garage rock soul. All songs written by Sean Pulito and band.

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Track Name: Get Through
I get by
But I can’t get through
To you
When I’m here
You’re not there
If we could
Meet somewhere
In between
Want and need
And just be
With what will
And will not be
Don’t matter much to me
It matters to me
Don’t matter to me
I try
Every time I do
I lose
Track Name: Gurly
oh gurly gurly
say what you mean
say whateva's on your head
enough teasing
whateva it may be
howeva it may seem
tell me honestly
what your feeling
cause i could be all wrong
and that would be alright
but i'm tired of being unsure
second guessing and why
i bet your the same
as me
let's put aside
this uncertainty
or maybe maybe
i'm just not thinkin
to busy doubtin
and not enough speakin
well sean i don't know
try sumthin before it goes
can't wait around foreva hopin that she knows
like i know she do
like i know she may
make it easy on me
cause i will just delay
what's in my heart
and in my head
not a lot to say
but so much to be said
Track Name: More Or Less
Everytime I start pushin for more
Is when I get less
My mind starts thinkin without me
And I’m left
Where I was
Before you were
I plead no contest
Cause I’m the man
That loves you best
And I keep on keepin on
Only way to go
It might not be the best path
But it’s the only one I know
And if you can’t meet me halfway, it’s all okay
Everyone’s life gotta be their own
But I’d like to see you find
Something better more refined
Somewhere over the rainbow
I just need a little more
Than what you’re giving and what’s in store
I don’t need that much
And I don’t need a lot
I just need some things
That you ain’t got
I just need a little more
Just a little more
Track Name: Be Lonely
Like your boytoy’s cock
Better than mine
Let’s see him give ya
Half the time
I do
I guess I don’t deserve that much
I mean I’m only always the one playing the crutch
For you
It’s you
You got you thinkin
You’re so great
And for a while
You fooled me
But I don’t need you
And I don’t need this
Rather be lonely
Than be your bitch
I been waitin through every phase
Through every stage
And now I can’t help but hate you
It’s true, I do
I hope you find
Some peace of mind
With someone that ain’t me
With someone that ain’t I
For you
It’s you
Track Name: Hawaiian Breeze
Lordy lordy
I’m so tired of bein down
Drinkin that poison
Hopin my brother will drown
While I’m the one
That’s losin ground
Gimme another taste of the love you live
Cause I wanna be found
All I need
Is hawaiian breeze
Keeps me cool
Where I need to be
And everything under the sun
Was easily forgotten
I’m learnin to laugh some more
At the things I can’t change
Cause it’s easier to find sunshine
Rather than waitin for rain
People, places, memories
They may remain
Easier to look back with a smile
Than remember pain
Track Name: Drift Into Place
It’s all good now
That we’re here
Every ray of sun you shine
Comes through sincere
And I just wanna believe
Things are the way they appear
So I can stop tryin to find
A new way to disappear
When we let it all
Drift into place
Let things go
With an embrace
No need to worry
Just have faith
It’ll be okay
And I let the dice roll
Better than pushin, pullin
You only end up alone
Rather enjoy what’s here, what’s now
Than what’s to come
Cause in the end that’s all there is
Or all there was
Track Name: Go On
what you gonna do with your life son
what you gonna make out of yourself
who you gonna be when it all comes down
why don't you care
we're just trying to help
well you can take your words
and your ideas
give em all to someone else
cause i know through your zoloft painted world
you're all still in hell
go on
if you know what you want
go on
or stop
well i love you ma and i love you pa
but you don't seem to know shit
how can i learn from your mistakes
the ones you make everyday
without repentence
but you're not to blame
you're a child
just the same
as me
confused by the way things went
so embrace the now
stop living in the shadow
of your regrets
Track Name: Kool Aid
Goodness, gracious
Me oh my
You’re like kool aid
In july
Artificial apple of my eye
Naturally sweetened love of mine
Bet they tell ya all the time
With some more poetic lines
Catchy metaphors you can’t decline
Trickin ya with their handsome lies
Everyone wants to love you
So they can say they loved you
No one wants to have you
Cause they already had you
Goodness, gracious
Golly gee
I could talk
And disagree
And you would hear to some degree
But we only see what we wanna see
If that’s the way it’s gonna be
Then that’s the way it’s gonna be
Things remain the way they seem
So what’s the point in arguing?